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Heroic Rescuers Sail out to Save Puppy Caught in Rip Tide

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This is the dramatic moment a group of fishermen headed straight for a distressed-looking spec on the horizon – which turned out to be a puppy caught in a rip tide.

After six hours of fishing, Rigoberto Michel Flores Lozano noticed something moving far off in the distance, and, at first, he and his brother, Jorge Abraham, thought it was just a person swimming.

But on closer inspection, Rigoberto spotted that the spec was in fact an exhausted puppy floating in the middle of the ocean – the brothers having no idea how it got there or how it was going to get home.

In the tense footage, shot off the coast of La Paz Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico, Rigoberto, Jorge and their two friends can be seen heading towards the distressed dog, which struggled to swim toward the boat due to the strength of the rip tide it was caught in.

The fishermen spot the exhausted dog swimming off the coast. ©T&T Creative Media
Rigerberto holds the dog after they fished it out of the ocean. ©T&T Creative Media

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Having pull the dog aboard the vessel, the group gave the it some water before rushing it to a nearby veterinary clinic. 

It was there the dog was confirmed to be suffering from exhaustion and a high saltwater intake, but over the days that followed the rescue, the puppy would go on to make a speedy recovery.

Such was the nature of the rescue; Rigoberto and his friends named the dog Wilson after the floating ball from the movie “Cast Away.”

Rigoberto, 29, said: “I am happy that we could save this puppy from certain death, and I hope that people keep gaining conscience about respecting all living creatures.


“We all participated. The moment has had a positive impact on me, so much.

“I want to add that the group respects the life of all animals.”


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