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A police officer jams with students on the drums at a high school football game – much to the amazement of onlookers.

Corporal Les Munn was patrolling the Arkansas High football game when he climbed into the stands during the fourth quarter of the high school game and wowed everyone with his drumming skills.

He can be seen wearing his stab vest and in full uniform standing side-by-side with the other drummers, who form part of the school’s band.

Cpl. Munn – a celebrated officer with the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department – leads the line as the band plays “Hey Baby” by DJ Otzi.

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Fellow officer James Atchley, who filmed the jamming session, said: “Corporal Les Munn surprised all the kids with his ability to beat the drums.

“So when he went back in the fourth quarter, I started filming – by this point they knew he could hang!”

The video shows Cpl. Munn keeping up with his younger counter-parts and playing perfectly in time, despite having not practiced the song or with his fellow drummers.

As the song draws to a close, all the surrounding members of the band turn to him whooping and hollering in appreciation for his skills.

Cop Jams On Drums With High School Band

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