Cops Surprise Senior Citizen With New Bike After His Is Stolen

These officers went above and beyond!


These police officers went above and beyond their duty – bringing an elderly citizen a new bike after his was callously stolen from his yard.

The officers from Cape Coral Police Department surprised Robert, who is in his 80s, with the new one after hearing of his plight.

His favorite bike was nabbed outside a Winn Dixie store in the town, leaving him unable to get around as Robert doesn’t have a car.

So officers Ken Cody and Guang Song responded to the call for help – travelling to a local Walmart to purchase him a brand new replacement.

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Footage captured on their body cams shows the moment a surprised Robert receives the gift from them.

The police department wrote online: “After taking the report, both officers couldn’t just allow the victim to be without any way to get around.”

Story courtesy of Cape Coral Police Department