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The best tear-jerking military homecomings and reunions across all the armed forces.

Mom Sobs When Daughter Returns From Duty in Africa After Seven Months to Surprise...

A mom sobbed tears of joy when her ‘best friend’ daughter returned home from deployment with the U.S. Air Force in Africa to surprise her with a bouquet of flowers after seven months apart.

Softball Player Catches Pitch and Spins Around to See Marine Uncle Has Returned From...

An 11-year-old catching a pitch during her softball game turned around to discover her Marine uncle standing behind home plate after returning from deployment.

Mom Can’t Believe Eyes When Airman Son Surprises Her In Restaurant After Two Years

A stunned mom froze in shock when she looked over her shoulder in a restaurant and was surprised by her airman son who she hadn’t seen in two years.

Marine Yells in Shock When He’s Surprised by Battle Buddies He’s Not Seen in...

A Marine was surprised on his 40th birthday by his battle buddies, who traveled from across the country – including some he hadn't seen for two decades.

College Student Who Thought He’d Won Raffle Left Stunned When Prize Is Surprise Reunion...

A college student sprinted with delight when the raffle prize he won at his local Christian group was a surprise reunion with his soldier sister after 10 months apart.

Veteran Grandpa Battling Illness Insists on Standing to Welcome Navy Grandson Home

A grandfather battling cancer defies his illness, mustering the strength to stand and embrace his Navy grandson returning home from deployment.

Sisters Think They’re Part of Military Presentation at School, Only to Be Surprised With...

A pair of siblings were given two beautiful surprises at school when their soldier dad returned home from deployment after nearly a year overseas.

Navy Sister Stages Surprise Photobomb During College Graduation

A college graduate was left stunned when her sister returned from U.S. Navy duty in Japan to photobomb her graduation photo with family.

Military Mom Fails To Spot Marine Son Sat Next To Her After Returning From...

A military mom got a huge shock when she took her seat at a family wedding - only to see a familiar face staring back at her.

Lunchtime Surprise! Soldier Dad Reunites with Sons at School

A soldier dad made his return from deployment extra special for each of his four sons by surprising them individually after arriving back on U.S. soil.
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