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The best tear-jerking military homecomings and reunions across all the armed forces.

Sister Flips Script and Surprises Marine Brother With Cross-Country Visit

A sister flipped the traditional military surprise reunion by driving cross-country to surprise her shocked Marine brother.

Veteran Grandfather Battling Dementia Remembers to Stand and Salute National Anthem

A veteran battling dementia made his family beam with pride when he heard the national anthem of the United States on television and immediately stood up to salute.

Baby Brother Spots Sign Asking for a Hug Only to See It’s His Military...

A six-year-old boy who thought he was heading to lunch at his school bawled tears of joy when his soldier sister emerged from behind a sign saying his name and asking for a hug.

Airman Surprises Sister in Remission with Touching Homecoming

A U.S. airman gave his Leukemia-battling sister a moment she will never forget when he returned home from deployment to surprise her.

Tears Flow as Dad Disguised as School Mascot Pulls off Epic Surprise Reunion

A soldier disguised himself as his daughter’s school mascot to surprise her in an emotional reunion after nearly a year apart.

Daughter Races to Reunite With Soldier Dad After 300 Days Apart

A girl's shoes went flying as she sprinted towards her military father as he surprised her with his early return from deployment.

Santa Helps Sailor Propose on Surprise Return From Deployment

Santa helped one sailer propose after he surprised his family by returning from deployment during their Santa experience.

Sailor Answers Sister’s Letter to Santa by Returning Home for First Time in Over...

A sailor answered his younger sibling's Santa letter by returning home from deployment in time for the Holidays.

Soldier Returns Home to Surprise His Loving Grandma and Introduce Her to Her New...

A grandma got a double surprise when the grandson she raised returned from deployment with her great-granddaughter for the first time.

Military Granddaughter Surprises Grandma On Family Vacation After 3 Years Apart

A grandma was left screaming in shock on her birthday when her military-serving granddaughter flew in to surprise her during a family vacation.
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