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Hard-Working Girl Has Wholesome Reaction To Popping Balloons That Reveal She Got Into Dream School

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A hard-working teen’s jaw dropped in shock when she popped a series of balloons that her family had lined up, which revealed she had been accepted into her dream high school.


13-year-old Lauryn, from New York, is a talented dancer. She spends hours on Fridays and weekends working to improve her skills.

For months, Lauryn had dreamed of attending one specific school, for which she undertook auditions in November.

The teenager was then made to wait until March 7, when she, like her fellow students, would find out the results of the high schools they had been accepted to.

For such a big life event, Lauryn’s mom, Alexis, thought there should be an element of surprise and celebration involved. So, while other students were busy heading to computers to check their results online, Alexis told Lauryn that the system was down and that she needed to send an email.

Secretly, though, the loving mom printed off the results of three applications to different schools, which she placed inside balloons and brought with her to a barbecue restaurant where the family was due to eat that evening.


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Lauryn was presented with the balloons in a specific order, and her family then encouraged her to pop them and reveal the results inside.

For the first two ballons, Lauryn was disappointed, as the results showed she had not been accepted into schools she liked but wouldn’t have necessarily been her first choice.

Then, having popped the final balloon, the 13-year-old took her time to read through the results from the final school, her first choice, which showed that she had been accepted for the upcoming year.


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As soon as the realization hit, Lauryn’s jaw dropped, and she covered her mouth in shock. Her family then screamed in celebration as the teenager rocked back and forth with excitement.

Alexis, who had Lauryn when she was a teenager, later shared the video online, hoping that it would inspire others to achieve their goals.

She added: “The last balloon, of course, was her number one choice, and she was ecstatic. 

“Family and friends loved the video, and so has the social media family—many people are calling themselves her aunties and uncles, rooting her on and cheering for her from all around.


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“It felt amazing seeing her reaction.

“Lauryn dances at church and a performing arts program.

“She practices on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m., with only one break.

“She’s so dedicated to learning and mastering her craft, so to see her hard work pay off and her talent being seen and recognized is amazing.

“I want nothing more for her than for her to achieve everything she wants in life because it’s obtainable.”

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