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toddler praying

Toddler Goes Viral As He Closes Eyes, Bows Head And Holds Parents’ Hands In...

A toddler has gone viral after his family shared adorable footage of him joining in with their mealtime prayer.

Cancer-Suffering Veteran and Wife Apart for the Longest Time Since Vietnam War After Contracting...

A cancer-suffering veteran and his wife had not been apart since the Vietnam War. but after COVID-19 struck, the pair were unable to see each other in person while bobbie, 79, underwent treatment in hospital. The separation was devastating for the besotted pair, so when they finally got to reunite the moment was all the sweeter.
dad looks into softball at photos

Dedicated Dad Who Never Missed a Game Holds Back Tears as His Now-Adult Daughter...

A dedicated dad who never missed a single one of his daughter's games, matches, races or track meets struggled to hold back tears as he peered inside a surprise softball full of photographic memories. For Amanda Gardner, 18, from East Texas, her father Gary, 53, was not only her biggest supporter, but also her coach. That's why she wanted to surprise him after years of dedicated support as she prepared to head back off to college.
Luke surprises sister Grace before homecoming dance

Teen With Special Needs Who Didn’t Have A Date For Homecoming Dance Is Surprised...

A football-playing teenager gave his "best friend" little sister a surprise she will never forget, when he emerged from the crowd at his football game to ask her to homecoming. Freshman Grace Alexander, 15, did not have a date to Dayton Christian School's homecoming and had never been to a school dance, as her special needs have made it difficult for her to make friends, her family said.
Girl wrapped in present surprises her father

Girl Wrapped In Present Jumps Out To Surprise Dad After 3 Years Apart

A beloved father let out a huge scream and burst into happy tears, as he opened a gift box to discover his daughter, who he had not seen in three years. His daughter, Stephanie, 21, had moved to Florida to pursue higher education three years prior, and during that time she had not been able to return home to visit her family. But approaching the box in his home town of Lima, Peru, Cesar Rodriguez Torres, 49, had no idea what to expect - least of all his daughter home to surprise him.
Man cries after being surprised with adult adoption request

Adult Adoption Request Makes Man Cry Happy Tears

A man was brought to floods of happy tears as his stepchildren surprised him with an adult adoption request 18 years in the making.
Christmas adoption surprise reveal

Girl Surprised With Christmas Adoption By Family Who Took Her In During Hour Of...

A loving nurse who once provided a stranded teenager with a ride and place to stay for the night surprised her with adoption papers on Christmas Eve, having since taken her into her care.
Two sisters and their brother reunite

Sisters Surprise Brother After 30 Years Apart

A 92-year-old man was left completely speechless on his doorstep when his sisters decided to head cross-country to pay him a surprise visit for the first time in 30 years. Joseph Bell did not initially recognize his sisters Carol Miller, 89, and Blanch Stockert, 90, who he had not seen in person since 1990.

Hilarious Moment 88-Year-Old Grandmother Reels In Catch On Virtual Reality Game

This is the hilarious moment an 88-year-old who husband was a fisherman reels in a virtual reality fish for the first time.

Grandmother Realizes Family Not Seen In 18 Months Are Outside On Call

A grandmother who hadn’t seen her family for 18 months and yet to meet her new grandchild ran out of her home screaming as she realized they were on a video call on her driveway.