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Surgeon Groom Shows Off His Stitching Skill as He Sews Up His Wife’s Wedding...

A surgeon groom got a chance to show off his skills on his wedding day when he paused to sew up his wife's wedding dress that had broken on the dancefloor.

Military Granddaughter Surprises Grandma On Family Vacation After 3 Years Apart

A grandma was left screaming in shock on her birthday when her military-serving granddaughter flew in to surprise her during a family vacation.

Kids “New Dentist” Turns out to Be Returning Military Dad

A boy couldn't believe his eyes when he looked up to see his "new dentist" was in fact his military father back from deployment.

Best Friend’s Newborn Miracle Baby Named After Her in Emotional Surprise

A woman bawled happy tears when her best friend introduced her to her 'miracle' baby that she had named after her.

Woman Reunites With Long-Lost Brother After a Decade-Long Search

An adopted woman was brought to tears as she hugged her biological brother for the first time, who she had lost all hope of ever finding.

Son Surprises Mom With Barbie She Was Never Able to Afford During Childhood

A son emotionally surprised his mom with a Barbie doll, something she had always wanted as a child but her family could never afford.

Loving Sister Secretly Flies to Hawaii to Hide in the Bleachers and Surprise Her...

A sister surprised her college volleyball playing sister by showing up in the bleachers to her tournament game.

Kindhearted Kids Bring American Tourists Trapped in Elevator Snacks and Drinks

A group of kids brought snacks and drinks for a US family trapped in an elevator in a moment that has since gone viral.

Sisters Surprised by Their Grandma Who They Haven’t Seen in More Than a Year...

Sisters aged 3 and 5 were surprised by their grandma, who they had not seen for more than a year while she was battling cancer.

Dad Who Had Heart Transplant on Daughter’s Wedding Day Has First-Look Weeks Later

A dad who underwent heart transplant surgery on the day of his daughter's wedding has shared an emotional first look ceremony with her weeks later.
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