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Five-year-old Follows In Firefighter Dad’s Footsteps By Running Mini Fire Drills In Their Yard...

A five-year-old boy has is following in his firefighter father's footsteps by running a series of fire drills in and around their yard.

Baby Has Adorable Reaction To First Haircut, Giggling Throughout As Barber Trims His Long...

A baby had an adorable reaction to his first haircut as he couldn’t stop giggling throughout the process.

Girl With Down Syndrome Surprised With Doll That Looks Like Her

A girl with Down syndrome has gone viral thanks to her wholesome reaction when receiving a doll that looks just like her.

Girl With Slim Chance Of Life Beats Cancer On Second Birthday

A toddler with special needs told she had a 5-10 percent chance of living past her first birthday rings the ‘all-clear bell’ having beaten cancer on the day she turned two.

Sweet Moment Kids Find Out Mom Passed California Bar Exam

This is the sweet moment three kids adorably react to their mom finding out she passed the California Bar Exam.

Toddler With One Arm Meets Adult With Same Condition

A toddler born with one arm who went viral this year when she received her new prothesis has met an adult with the same condition.
Girl runs to hug brother as he gets off school bus

Girl Waits To Hug Big Brother Every Day As School Bus Arrives In Cute...

A toddler’s adorable routine greeting her big brother as he arrives home on the school bus and hugging him has gone viral.
non-verbal boy tells mom he loves her

Non-Verbal Boy Brings His Mom To Tears When He Uses Specially-Designed Speaking Device Controlled...

A non-verbal three-year-old brought his mother to tears when he used a specially-designed speaking device to say: "Mom, I love you."

Five-year-old Goes Viral After Dad Attaches Custom Plow to Battery-Operated Truck So Youngster Can...

A kind-hearted five-year-old shot to viral fame after his dad modified his drivable toy truck to help plow their driveway.

Three-year-old With Cerebral Palsy Told She May Never Walk Plays in Snow for First...

A girl with cerebral palsy who was told she may never walk was able to enjoy snow for the first time - thanks to an ingenious idea by her uncle to add pool noodles to the base of her walker. While Winter Storm Orlena brought much of the Northeast U.S. to a halt, the Durborow family saw it as an opportunity for Colbie, aged three, to experience playing in snow for the first time.