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Boy’s Dream Comes True as Military Dad Returns From Deployment to Surprise Him on...

A seven-year-old boy thought he was taking part in a regular gym class when he recognized a familiar figure standing in military attire.

Adopted Sisters Reunite After 55 Years in Tearful Embrace

Rita Smith and Lisa Wolf were adopted as babies and grew up just two hours apart, but they didn't meet until 55 years later. The sisters were reunited in June 2022 after Rita's daughter Taya Somes helped them find each other on Facebook. The moment they met was captured on video, and the sisters were both visibly emotional.
Max sobs on his mother's shoulder.

Footballer’s Single Mom Flies From Australia to Surprise Him at His First Game in...

Max Leaitua-Tanuvasa, 16, moved to the US from Australia to play football, and his single mother Tina was desperate to be there for his first game. When she couldn't afford the ticket, a friend stepped in to buy it for her, and the surprise reunion was caught on video. Max's reaction was priceless, and the video has since gone viral.
Ella's dad reacts to the new house.

Daughter Surprises Parents With House After Years of Sacrifice

Ella Standring, 36, from Sydney, Australia, bought her parents a house after years of sacrifice and hard work. She surprised them with the keys during a visit to the new home, and their emotional reaction was captured on video and went viral.

Dad’s Heart Melts as He’s Surprised With New Puppy After Beloved Pet Pug Dies

Nelson Pinedo was devastated when his 11-year-old pug Rita passed away, but his family surprised him with a new puppy named Rigby Jose for Father's Day. The video of Nelson's reaction went viral, and it's clear that he is overjoyed to have a new furry friend to love.

Family Surprises Dad With Dream Corvette After 50 Years of Dreaming

Lynn Raynor, 74, from Hampstead, North Carolina, had always dreamed of owning a 1966 Corvette Stingray. His family surprised him with the car after he had been dreaming of it for 50 years. Lynn was so happy that he cried tears of joy.

Family Surprises Wheelchair-Bound Mom With New Van for Birthday

Annette Rivers, 63, had been in need of a new van for some time, as her old one was no longer able to accommodate her wheelchair. Her family surprised her with a new one on her birthday, leaving Annette speechless.

Former Disneyland Worker Gets Engaged After Boyfriend Plans Scavenger Hunt at the Park

Cynthia Robinson and Ricky Estrada met while working at Disneyland. On their 5th anniversary, Ricky surprised Cynthia with a scavenger hunt that led to a proposal on the Mark Twain Riverboat ride.

Woman Screams in Shock After Seeing Sister She Hasn’t Seen in 9 Years

Vivian Sutherland, 65, from Reno, Nevada, was surprised by her sister Sharon Leal, 63, from Battle Creek, Michigan, at her daughter-in-law's birthday party. The sisters had not seen each other in 9 years, and Vivian was completely shocked to see her sister sitting next to her. The video of the reunion has gone viral, with people from all over the world sharing their love for the heartwarming moment.

Cancer-Stricken Mom and Daughter Share Emotional Hug After Both Going Into Remission

Danielle Draper and her mom Kristin both battled cancer at the same time. Danielle was diagnosed with Stage 1 Hodgkin's lymphoma, and her mom was diagnosed with myelofibrosis. After both going into remission, Danielle surprised her mom with the news that she was also in remission.