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Garbage Man Who Promised to Bring His Customer a Birthday Cake if She Reached...

A British garbage man has surprised one of his elderly customers with a birthday cake during his weekly round to mark her 100th birthday.

Recipient of Donor Heart Surprises Couple by Turning Up on Their Wedding Day to...

This stunned couple received a wedding day surprise they will never forget, as they were met for the first time by the recipient of their donor son's heart.

Adorable Moment Girl With Cerebral Palsy is Surprised With Therapy Puppy at Airport Upon...

This is the heart-warming moment a girl with cerebral palsy is surprised with the therapy dog she has always wanted at the airport.

Man Bursts Into Tears After Traveling More Than 2,000 Miles to Meet His Birth...

A man who was adopted completed a 2,000-mile journey to meet his birth mom, bursting into tears as he was finally able to be held in her arms.

Husband With Cancer Surprised in Hospital Bed as Loving Wife Keeps Up 25-year Tradition...

A loving wife was determined not to let her husband’s cancer diagnosis get in the way of their anniversary tradition - surprising him at his hospital bedside while wearing her wedding dress.

Wife Plans Elaborate Scavenger Hunt For Husband With Surprise Puppy At The End

A wife set up an elaborate scavenger hunt leading her husband to an adorable surprise – a new Bernese mountain dog puppy.
New Truck surprisevideo

Dad Breaks Down In Tears After Son Saves Up To Surprise Him With A...

A stunned father was brought to tears when his son revealed he had been saving up to purchase him a new truck, allowing his dad to drive to work once more.
Overseas Gender Reveal

Deployed Airman Finds Out Gender Of Baby Thanks To Surprise Party At Overseas Base...

Senior Airman Nicholson Pennant was deployed last-minute to the Middle East during his wife's pregnancy, so she threw him a surprise gender reveal party at his overseas base.
Emotional Moment Bike Restoration Is Unveiled

Son Surprises Dad With His Beloved Motorcycle After Secretly Stealing And Restoring It

A son ‘stole’ his father’s beloved motorcycle and secretly fixed it up – before surprising his dad in an emotional moment caught on video.
Woman poses as nurse to surprise best friend

Woman Pretending To Be Nurse Surprises Best Friend In Hospital

A hospitalized woman was surprised by her best friend from out of town after she posed as a nurse.