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Animal Shelter Hails Homeless Man’s Act of Compassion for Abandoned Puppies

A homeless man has been praised online after he rescued a litter of puppies, leaving them at an animal shelter with an anonymous note.

Animal Shelter Hosts Unique Fundraiser with ‘Poorly Drawn Pets’ Initiative

An animal shelter's unique fundraiser is drawing amateurish versions of their donators pets in a bid to raise thousands for rehoming.

Arizona Shelter Dog Escapes Kennel and Becomes Local Celebrity

A mischievous terrier mix named King has become a local celebrity in Arizona after a daring escape from his kennel.

Pennsylvania Animal Shelter Celebrates Empty Kennels for the First Time in 47 Years

An animal shelter is celebrating a remarkable achievement: for the first time in 47 years, all of its kennels are empty.

Rescue Dog Sworn in as Police Department’s First Canine Officer

A police department has welcomed its newest recruit - Bolo, a rescue dog - as its inaugural paw-trol officer.
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