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Music-Loving Seven-Month-Old Warms Hearts on the Internet When She Starts Dancing to Her Family’s Alexa

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A seven-month-old baby girl has warmed hearts across the internet thanks to her enthusiastic dancing to her family’s Alexa.


Clever baby Oakley, from Lompoc, California, waits in her jumper and will not move until her mom, Alyssa, cues the music.

Oakley was born into a family that loves music and has a huge record collection, Alyssa, 23, said.

It was always Alyssa’s intention to introduce her daughter to music from a young age, with baby Oakley first becoming obsessed with Lionel Richie’s “Stuck On You” when she was just a week old.

Alyssa Cregger /
Alyssa Cregger /

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That song was used to calm Oakley for the first three months of her life, but when she was then a little older and introduced to her jumper, things ramped up to the next level.


According to Alyssa, Oakley figured out that if she refused to jump until her mom played music, she would be allowed to listen to her family’s Alexa.

To document this, Alyssa shared videos where she asks the device to play songs by the likes of AC/DC and Taylor Swift, which, as soon as they start playing, cause Oakley to jump with joy.

One video, of Oakley dancing to a song from the movie Top Gun, received over a million views – but another viewer request sent her mega-viral.

A clip of Oakley dancing to AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell” received more than 22 million views and more than 16,000 comments.


Alyssa said: “Every time I see her reaction to music, it just lights me up inside. 

Alyssa Cregger /

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“Music has been a big part of my life and I’m so proud that I have been able to pass that down to my daughter.

“I love seeing her get so excited and jumping to the beat, and we definitely have our hands full already with her.

“The response to the viral video has been amazing. I posted it one night before bed, and I woke up the next morning to a million views. People are telling us to get her a drum set and guitar. 

Alyssa Cregger /

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“One even suggested to get her a little leather jacket. 

“I was like, woah, people really love this. 

“My family is just in awe, and my mom even said she expected nothing less from Oakley since I was the same way as a baby.”

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