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Preemie Baby Gives Mom ‘Bonus Smiles’ When Bathed

A doting mom has shared a sweet video of her preemie baby giving her "bonus smiles" as he enjoys a bath after finally coming home from the NICU.

Best Friend’s Newborn Miracle Baby Named After Her in Emotional Surprise

A woman bawled happy tears when her best friend introduced her to her 'miracle' baby that she had named after her.

Music-Loving Seven-Month-Old Warms Hearts on the Internet When She Starts Dancing to Her Family’s...

A seven-month-old baby has gone viral after she enthusiastically bounced in her jumper to her parent's song picks through Alexa, including AC/DC and Lionel Richie.

Triplets Work Together to Escape Cribs During Nightime Adventure

Triplets made an audacious break for freedom at the dead of night from their cots - all caught on camera by their parents’ baby monitor

Man Accidentally Develops Hilarious Way To Put Friends’ Baby To Sleep Within 15 Seconds

A man has accidentally discovered a hilarious unique way of putting his friends’ baby to sleep within 15 seconds - by stroking him with his beard.

Baby’s Joy Is Contagious as He Hears Parents’ Voices for the First Time

A happy youngster couldn’t hide his delight when his hearing aids were activated for the first time and could hear his mother and father's voices.

Multitasking Mom Bowls Strike While Breastfeeding

Kristin Whalen, a mom of two from Illinois, bowled a strike while breastfeeding her baby daughter in a hilarious video that has gone viral. The video has inspired other moms to show the world what they can do, proving that moms can do anything.

3-Year-Old Boy Lights Up When He Finally Meets Baby Sister

A 3-year-old boy who had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of his baby sister was finally able to meet her after she spent 12 days in the NICU. The boy's reaction to finally holding his sister was priceless, and his parents said it was a moment of happiness and relief for the whole family.
Making snow angels in the baby powder

Dad Returns Home to Find Kids Have Coated House in Baby Powder, Makes Them...

A dad in Rhode Island returned home to find his daughters covered head to toe in baby powder. He was initially taken aback, but then he saw the funny side and let them play in the mess for a while. He eventually cleaned it up, but said it was worth it to see his daughters having fun.
McKinley and his dad

Baby’s Hilarious Reaction to Dad’s First Ever Telling-off Goes Viral

Nick Corum, 29, from Irvine, California, was trying to tell his one-year-old son, McKinley, not to climb up a stair gate. But McKinley's reaction to the warning was priceless - he just burst out laughing. The video of the incident has since gone viral, with people all over the world finding it hilarious.
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