Good NewsMusician Goes Viral Causing Daycare Kids To Bounce With Excitement While Dancing...

Musician Goes Viral Causing Daycare Kids To Bounce With Excitement While Dancing Across The Street

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A touring musician has gone viral after dancing across the street from a daycare while out on a walk, causing the children inside to jump and smile with joy.

In the sweet video, Joseph Terrell, a guitarist and vocalist with the band Mipso, from Durham, North Carolina, is on the sidewalk across from a day care in Montreal, Canada, looking at a line of children peering out of a window.

Then, to the kids’ amusement, Joseph jumped up in the air while performing a spin, landing flat on his feet and looking back at the youngsters.

As he hit the ground, Joseph’s bandmate Libby Rodenbough, who was recording the moment, panned back to the children in the window, who were bouncing up and down with excitement at Joseph’s spin.

Their reaction caused guitarist to produce the same move again, which only resulted in greater levels of joy in the daycare window.


The moment itself took place during the summer of 2019, but the band only recently shared the video on their social media, on February 14, 2023.

The daycare kids bounce with excitement. © @mipsomusic / T&T Creative Media

Soon, the post received hundreds of thousands of views, with everyone commenting about how the post brightened their day.

Joseph said: “I noticed some kids looking out a second story window across the street, so I waved at them and one waved back.

“Then I did a little dance and they kept watching and waving – so I tried a 360 spin move which any kid will tell you is an awesome move and they REALLY liked that.

Joseph dances and spins across the street. © @mipsomusic / T&T Creative Media

“So I kept jump spinning like a fool on the sidewalk and they were so thrilled.

“Making a kid laugh is the best feeling in the world, and after my third jump they were bouncing up and down screaming with excitement, so I felt like I’d hit the warm and fuzzy jackpot.”


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