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One-Man Band Brightens Neighbors Days During Pandemic Shutdowns

A one-man band has been bringing joy to neighborhoods during the pandemic with his mood-boosting performances.

Woman With Dementia Remembers How To Play Her Kids’ Childhood Song After Not Owning...

A woman with dementia suddenly remembers how to play one of her daughters’ favorite songs – more than 35 years after she last owned a piano.

Goat Swoons And Rests His Head On Guitar As Musician Serenades Him With Songs

This talented musician has a rather unique jamming partner in the form of a goat who was rescued from slaughter.

Son Discovers Late Fathers Unrecorded Guitar Songs During House Clearing And Decides To Record...

A loving son begun recording songs written by his late father after he discovered a hidden trove of original tunes while cleaning out his house.

Choir Wow Hotel Guests With Beautiful Rendition Of National Anthem

This is the mesmerizing moment more than 500 students attending a choir conference sang the national anthem in unison.

Father Serenades Twins To Sleep With Lullaby As One Sleeps On Top Of His...

A dad has found the perfect way to get his adorable twins off to sleep - resting them on his guitar and playing a lullaby.

Nurse Serenades Patients Over Intercom To Lift Spirits

A kindhearted nurse boosted COVID-19 patients’ spirits by singing to them over the hospital’s intercom system.

Blind Singer Goes Viral After Nailing Huge Beyonce Hit

A blind Filipino woman - who does not speak a word of English - has been filmed nailing a Beyonce hit.

Identical Twin Grandmothers Perform Hilarious “Coronavirus Blues” Song To Viral Reaction Online – Though...

A pair of grandmothers – and identical twin sisters – have come up with a hilarious way of combating the devastation of the coronavirus by writing a catch blues song.

Family Deprived Of Venues To Play Their Music During Lockdown Host Drive-By Concert For...

A musical family hosted a drive-by concert from the back of their pick up truck to entertain residents stuck in quarantine.