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A family shared their pet dog’s ultimate moment of excitement as their garage door opened to reveal the pooch’s military dad had returned home after more than eight months serving overseas.

As soon as the door opened, Max, a black Labrador, began leaping with joy, at home in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, bouncing on the spot before jumping all over Dennis Flynn Jr., who was sitting on the floor in his military attire.

Dennis is a sergeant first class with the Army National Guard, and for more than half a year he had been stationed in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

He left home on October 9, 2021, and knowing how close Max is to his owner, the Flynn family decided to plan a big surprise for their pooch on July 14.


And Dennis’ wife, Dawn, was able to capture the sweet moment on video.

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She later shared the clip on social media – part of a compilation of Dennis surprising other family members.

Dawn said: “When we let Max out to see Dennis for the first time, we thought this might be how his reaction would be.


“We couldn’t wait until he realized that it was Dennis – as soon as we saw his reaction, we were in tears.

“Everyone who has seen the video has absolutely loved it.

“I just hope that everyone who sees this sees the importance of family, and how much a loved one is missed when gone for so long.

“It’s important to have an amazing family around you when one of your loved ones is called to duty to serve in the United States military.”

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