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Doggy Day Care’s ‘Bark to School’ Photos Go Viral

Paw Oasis Pet Resort in The Colony, Texas, welcomed their dogs back on August 17 for their ‘Bark to School Bash’ which included their annual picture day for the special event. The staff used treats and squeaky toys to get their attention before taking the cute snaps against a colorful backdrop of books, bones, and each pooch’s name.

Dad’s Heart Melts as He’s Surprised With New Puppy After Beloved Pet Pug Dies

Nelson Pinedo was devastated when his 11-year-old pug Rita passed away, but his family surprised him with a new puppy named Rigby Jose for Father's Day. The video of Nelson's reaction went viral, and it's clear that he is overjoyed to have a new furry friend to love.
Glyn, Shannon and golden retriever Charlie.

Golden Retriever Helps Bride-to-Be Keep Wedding Dress Clean by Carrying Hem of Dress

Shannon and Glyn's dog Charlie is a three-year-old golden retriever who loves to help out. When Shannon was on her way home from her engagement shoot, Charlie offered to carry the bottom of her wedding dress so it didn't get muddy. Charlie was so gentle and careful, and he didn't even crease the fabric.

Construction Workers’ Heroic Rescue of Dog Caught on Camera

A group of construction workers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota rescued a dog from high waters. The workers used a ladder to reach the dog, which was trapped in the river. The dog was unharmed and reunited with its owner.

Giant Bullmastiff Smothers Soldier Brother With Love After 3 Months Apart

A giant dog couldn’t contain his excitement when his US soldier ‘brother’ returned home after almost three months - climbing on top of and smothering him with love.

Dog’s Blanket-Stealing Habit Melts Hearts Online

A dog owner has shared hilarious videos of her dog Luke repeatedly stealing her blanket from the bed. The videos have gone viral, with the dog's antics melting people's hearts online. Owner Sarina said she hopes the videos will remind people to record their pets' quirks.

Draco the K-9 Sniffs out Blue Box to Reveal Couple’s Baby’s Gender

A couple in Iowa used their police K-9 to find out the gender of their baby. The dog, Draco, was trained to sniff out narcotics, so the couple hid the gender reveal in a box with a scent only Draco could detect. When Draco found the box, he sat down in front of it, revealing that the couple was having a boy.
baby dangles spaghetti

Baby’s Giggles Melt Hearts as He Dangles Food Out of Dog’s Reach

A cute baby bursts into adorable giggles as he dangles a spaghetti noodle just out of reach of his family’s small dog.

Doggy Best Friends Reunited After Months Apart

Two best friend dogs adorably reunited after being separated for months during COVID-19 restrictions.

Woman Rescues Injured Street Puppy in Mexico, Adopts Her After Months of Rehab

Diana Salinas was on vacation in Mexico when she saw a puppy dragging her hind legs painfully along the floor. She paid for the puppy's surgery and rehabilitation, and four months later, she adopted the dog, who she named Pinta.