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A 12-year-old boy with Down syndrome who loves Slurpees couldn’t hide his excitement when his brother returned from college to surprise him at a local 7-Eleven.

In the wholesome video, Jack DowDell, 12, is initially seen exiting his family car in a parking lot, delighted when his mom Kimberly says, “Slurpee time!”

But then, as Jack walks through the store in South Jordan, Utah, he is met by a familiar face standing next to the drink machines: his brother, Luke, 18.

As soon as Jack spots Luke, he lets out an excitable, “Lukey!”, before heading over to give his brother a big, loving hug.


Luke studies at college in a different part of the state, and so when Kimberly and her husband Devon found out he was coming home for a weekend visit, they thought a Slurpee trip would provide the perfect cover to surprise Jack.

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The moment took place on January 21, and Kimberly later shared the video on her social media pages, where the DowDell family look to raise awareness of Jack’s condition.

Speaking of her son’s reaction, Kimberly, 45, said: “It was emotional and one of the happiest moments – we feel so grateful these two brothers love each other as much as they do.


“All of the comments have been happy, uplifting, full of joy and so many have said it made their day.

“Others have said it made them cry, commented on how special their relationship is together and we had people tell us they’ve been experiencing some kind of grief and it has made their burdens lighter.

“Tons of comments regarding how wholesome this video is and that the world needs more moments like this.

“Our hope is to spread the good news of Down syndrome, seeing the world through Jack’s eyes makes the world so much sweeter and more beautiful.”

Story via T&T Creative Media