A man rode horseback in a full suit of armor to his partners front door – to propose to her.

Christopher Broderick, from Boston, Massachusetts, donned the armor and a shield emblazoned with his family coat of arms after researching his Irish heritage online.

And after joking with partner Cindy MacDonald that he was her knight in shining armor, decided to bring the phrase to life.

Chris, 57, said: “The idea started as I was researching my Irish heritage and came across the family coat of arms.

“That was the first item that drew me to a shield and then a sword. I was falling deeply in love with Cindy and was joking telling her I was her knight in shining armor. 


“Then I started the plan to become a real life knight and asked a friend to help find a white horse, had the shield made up by a specialist company.

“Amazingly I was able to rent the suit of armor from a rental company so that I had the full outfit.

“The only thing left was to arrange the place. I discreetly contacted Cindy’s sister and we planned a luncheon date at Cindy’s to make sure she would be there when I arrived on horseback.

“The rest is history!”


Video of the unique proposal shows Chris sat on top of a white stallion, which he mounted in a car park a few houses away from Cindy’s home.

As he crosses Cindy’s lawn, a visibly shocked Cindy comes to the door jaw agape.

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Chris shouts, ‘I want you to be my wife’, before jumping down from his horse and dropping to one knee.

As a sobbing Cindy nods her approval, onlookers whoop and holler in appreciation.


Cindy, 53, said: “I heard my sister say, ‘Hey, what’s that? And as I turned around I saw a horse and a knight in shining armor sat on my lawn!

“I thought it was so romantic.”

The couple – who have been dating for four years – bonded over their shared love of Ireland, where they’ve each traced their ancestry.

Chris, a building inspector, added: “We had an incredible day – it couldn’t have gone more to plan.”

They are yet to set a date for the wedding, but have already decided to put the shield on display in their new marital home.

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media.