Stunned Bride-to-be Shocked by Magic Trick Proposal in the Middle of Times Square – Including Her Face Appearing on the World-famous Billboards

She thought he was just an ordinary street performer...but he had a huge surprise in store for her


This stunned bride-to-be couldn’t believe her luck when her future husband enlisted the help of a magician to propose in Times Square.

Magic proposal couple
Chaya Baila Rothberg – who goes by C.B. – with boyfriend Yehuda Mehlman

Chaya Baila Rothberg – who goes by C.B. – thought she was witnessing an everyday act of street magic, only for the big reveal to see her and fiancé Yehuda Mehlman turn over cards that read the immortal words: “Will You Marry Me?”

As cheers erupted, giant billboards in the world-famous tourist spot beamed pictures of the couple and reiterated the question, to which a thrilled C.B. answered “Yes.” 

Little did C.B., 25, know the street magicians trick was not a random coincidence, but a well-planned event involving Yehuda, 24, and his friend, Shlomo Levinger.

Shlomo, a magician based in Queens, New York, helped plan the reveal with his friend, making sure he was in the right place at the right time on April 10.


The couple had planned to see a movie that evening, and so Shlomo was given a roughly 10-minute window to catch their eye as they left the theater, perform multiple tricks, and then drop the question – all before the billboards changed at 8pm.

According to Shlomo, the couple first met at a mutual friend’s party, which both initially debated not going to.

Shlomo said: “The plan was diabolical.

“First they would go see a movie, and when the movie was over, they would happen to come across me filming a street magic video for my YouTube channel and I’d ask them if they would like to see some magic. 


“After showing them a few magic tricks, the final trick would magically pop the question. 

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“At this point C.B. would think the proposal was over, and that was the end of an incredible proposal.

“That’s when Yehuda would have her turn around and three massive billboards in the heart of Times Square and solidify the proposal.

“Thankfully, everything worked out and it was an incredible night.”


Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media