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Girl Gets Stewie Griffin Doll for Birthday, Realizes It’s the One Soldier Dad Took on Deployment and He’s Home

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An 11-year-old girl received a beautiful birthday surprise in her school canteen when she was presented with a stuffed doll that she knew indicated her soldier dad was home from deployment.

Before heading overseas with the United States Army National Guard, Jesse Morrow, from Alabama, won a stuffed Stewie Griffin doll while playing on a machine at a bowling alley.

Jesse’s battle buddy had an idea – why not take Stewie on their deployment and document his travels to send back to Jesse’s daughter, Izabelle.

Over the following months, Jesse took photos and videos of Stewie on planes, with his fellow military personnel, and while in transit.

The dolls on tour with Jesse in Jordan. ©Jesse Morrow / T&T Creative Media
The dolls at Petra, Jordan. ©Jesse Morrow / T&T Creative Media

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When it came time to come home at the start of 2023, Jesse knew he had to incorporate Stewie in some way.

He contacted Isabelle’s school – Markham Park Elementary, in Illinois – and asked if he could have a surprise lunch with his daughter.

After the school had said yes, the surprise itself was set up with Stewie front and center.

During Izabelle’s birthday celebrations, she was given the doll, which she knew meant her father must be home.

Izabelle realizes the Stewie Griffin doll means her dad is home from deployment. ©T&T Creative Media
Father and daughter reunite in the school canteen. ©T&T Creative Media

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Jesse then appeared and headed over to his daughter for a long-awaited hug.

Over the days that followed, Jesse also made up for lost time, getting matching t-shirts and sweatshirts for him and his daughter as they went to watch the Chicago Bulls play the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA.

Speaking of the surprise on January 23, Jesse said: “I was nervously waiting in the office for the cafeteria to fill with students. 

At a basketball game for Izabelle’s birthday in matching t-shirts. ©Jesse Morrow / T&T Creative Media

“The principal and myself slowly and carefully walked down the hall to the cafeteria, trying not to draw too much attention – but I did have on my uniform.


“Then, I just waited for my cue to enter.

“Words cannot describe the joy I felt seeing her. 

“The idea for the Stewie came from one of my battle buddies, who mentioned about taking pictures or videos with a stuffed animal throughout the deployment and sending them home. 

“I just happened to have won two stuffed animals from a machine in a bowling alley before our departure and decided that is what I would do with them. 

“Everyone has loved it.


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