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Son Surprises Mom With Barbie She Was Never Able to Afford During Childhood

A son emotionally surprised his mom with a Barbie doll, something she had always wanted as a child but her family could never afford.

5-Year-Old Girl Cries “That’s You!” as She Reunites With Navy Dad After 7-Month Deployment

When 5-year-old Lailah's Navy dad returned home after a 7-month deployment, she was so excited to see him that she ran up to him and hugged him tightly, crying tears of joy. She had been holding onto a sailor teddy bear that her dad had given her to keep her company during his absence, and when she saw him, she held up the bear and said, "That's you!"

Girl Gets Stewie Griffin Doll for Birthday, Realizes It’s the One Soldier Dad Took...

11-year-old Izabelle Morrow was surprised with a long-awaited homecoming from her soldier dad, Jesse Morrow, when she was presented with a stuffed Stewie Griffin doll that she knew indicated her father was home from deployment. Jesse had taken the doll with him on deployment and sent photos and videos of Stewie's travels back to Izabelle. When it came time to come home, Jesse contacted Izabelle's school and arranged a surprise lunch with his daughter.

Toddler Born With ‘Nubby’ Surprised With Lookalike Doll To Help Him Learn How To...

A two-year-old born with a "nubby" on his right arm and two fingers on his left beams with joy as he opens a gift to discover a doll that looks just like him.
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