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Girl Surprised With Retiring Military Dog After Pleading With Parents to Get a Pooch

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A 10-year-old girl who had wanted her own dog for years could not believe her eyes when her family surprised her with a retired U.S. bomb dog who had served in the Middle East.

The Spillane family, from Yardley, Pennsylvania, thought five-year-old cocker spaniel Finn would be the perfect companion for their daughter, Grace.

Finn served as a bomb dog in the United Arab Emirates for several years, where he spent his days protecting airports, seaports, and the U.S. embassy, according to Patriot K9 Rescue, who helped the Spillanes with their adoption.

Patriot K9 Rescue, which was founded in 2017, focuses on finding a safe, stress-free environment for service dogs to live once they retire.

Grace’s mom, Jennifer, 48, who knew of her daughter’s desire to adopt a dog, had been following Patriot K9 for several months on social media before the surprise took place.


With the family deciding they wanted an old dog, a former military pooch seemed like the perfect option.

On June 17, Jennifer collected Finn, and Grace was surprised outside of her home as she returned from a softball game.

Grace reacts to meeting Finn, the ex-military dog. ©Jennifer Spillane / T&T Creative Media
Finn had recently retired from his work in the military, where he worked as an explosives sniffer dog. ©Jennifer Spillane / T&T Creative Media

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When she laid eyes on Finn, the shock hit the 10-year-old, with Grace wondering if the dog could be hers.


Jennifer, who later shared the video on social media, said: “I was beaming.

“It made my heart happy and made me a bit emotional.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to see your child so happy.

“We already love Finn so much.

“It didn’t take long, just a few hours.


“We are honored to be Finn’s forever family – he has worked hard for our country, and now he gets to be cared for and loved.”

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