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Dad Hilariously Reacts to News He’s Finally Having a Boy

This is the hilarious moment a dad-to-be finds out he is having a son in an extended family dominated by women.

Draco the K-9 Sniffs out Blue Box to Reveal Couple’s Baby’s Gender

A couple in Iowa used their police K-9 to find out the gender of their baby. The dog, Draco, was trained to sniff out narcotics, so the couple hid the gender reveal in a box with a scent only Draco could detect. When Draco found the box, he sat down in front of it, revealing that the couple was having a boy.

Soccer Mad Man Celebrates Gender Reveal With Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Celebration

A soccer-mad dad-to-be celebrated the news of his baby's gender by pulling off soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo's signature celebration.

Couple Record Compilation Of Family’s Reaction To Gender Reveal Cookies Sent To Their Homes

A couple sent cookies that revealed the gender of their baby to family members and then captured their emotional reactions.
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Couple Take Gender Reveal to New Heights as Pilot Friend Lets Off Colored Fire...

A couple who couldn’t have a gender reveal party due to restrictions took their reveal to new heights - with a pilot letting off a colored fire extinguisher from a helicopter. Melissa and Jamie had been trying for a baby for 18 months, so when Melissa finally got pregnant, they wanted to celebrate with friends and family in Missouri over the holidays. But due to the pandemic they decided against traveling back and started thinking of other ways they could celebrate the special moment.

King Or Queen? Baby’s Gender Is Revealed At Mardi Gras Party

A Louisiana couple literally put the party in their gender reveal party by discovering their baby’s gender during a Mardi Gras parade.

Gender Reveal Goes Wrong As Balloon Takes Off Unpopped – But Super Dad Saves...

A gender reveal party almost became simply a ‘party’ when a special balloon filled with color flew away by accident without being popped.

Skydive Gender Reveal From 10,000ft For His Best-friend’s New Baby

A friend leaped out of an airplane at 10,000ft to reveal the gender of his best-friends baby.

Mom-to-be Is Shocked When Her Gender Reveal Surprise Turns Out To Be Engagement Proposal...

A mom-to-be who thought she was taking part in a gender reveal was stunned when it turned out to be a proposal staged by her husband.

Horse Loving Couple Use Sliding Performance For One-of-a-kind Viral Gender Reveal

A couple drafted in the help of a four-legged friend when it came to their one-of-a-kind gender reveal - using a sliding performance horse to let the world know the sex of their baby.
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