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Parents Secretly Plant Treasure Chest on Beach for Girl, 5, to ‘Discover’ on First Beach Trip


A five-year-old girl screamed with joy when she dug up a custom-made treasure chest her parents had hidden on her first-ever trip to the beach.

In the weeks building up to her family’s vacation to Gulfport, Mississippi, Lindsey Robinson’s mind had been dreaming about what might be possible on her first trip to the beach.

According to her mom, Amanda, 35, from Columbus, Mississippi, Lindsey had told her family she hoped to find lots of shells on the beach – as well as, perhaps, some treasure.

Knowing the beach they were headed to was not known for its seashells, Amanda and her husband decided they would create a treasure chest to bury in the sand for Lindsey to find.

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Having arrived at the beach, Amanda then headed to a local shop, where she purchased shells to put into the handmade chest.

Along with the shells, the couple added pennies, nickels and dimes, and then buried the chest on July 4 for their daughter to find.

Once on the beach, Lindsey’s grandma, who the five-year-old calls Tutu, said she had seen a shell and suggested Lindsey dig around it to see if there were others.

As Lindsey dug deeper and deeper into the sand, her mom captured the moment on video, before her daughter started screaming with joy at the chest she had found.

Amanda later shared the video on her social media channel, where it quickly went viral with millions of views.

Lindsey reacts to finding the treasure. ©@amchelro13 / T&T Creative Media
Mom Amanda with Lindsey and her younger sibling. ©@amchelro13 / T&T Creative Media

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She said: “It was honestly the most wholesome thing ever – I wanted to cry because of how happy she was.

“I knew she would be excited, but she kept saying it was the best day ever and has continuously said so to this day.

“She asks daily to check on her treasure box and her seashells and has put the money into her piggy bank.

“The response to the video has been overwhelmingly awesome.

“I honestly only put it on social media because the clip was too long to send to her dad – and I knew if I put it online, he could see the whole video and the quality would be great.

“I did not expect the video to go viral, but Lindsey loves it she says she is famous now.”


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