Good NewsAfter Beach Vacation Cancelled Family Decide To Bring Beach To Their Home

After Beach Vacation Cancelled Family Decide To Bring Beach To Their Home

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After one family’s sunny vacation to the beach was cancelled, they decided to get creative and bring the beach indoors during lockdown.

The adorable footage, shot at the Jurista family home in Warren, New Jersey, six-year-old Hailey and three-year-old Eli can be seen excitedly standing outside their bathroom door, dressed for a beach trip.

With the kids holding their towels, donning goggles and wearing bathing suits, mom Stefanie Jurista, 35, asks, “Are you ready to go to the beach?” much to the youngsters’ delight.

As they opened their master bathroom door, Hailey and Eli discover a room covered in fish ornaments, toys, a bath full of water – and a pit full of sand containing buckets for making sandcastles just like they would have done at the beach.

Hailey and Eli then enter the bath and have a beach-like experience in the comfort of their own home.


The April 10 moment came about after the Jurista family’s annual spring break visit to the beach had to be cancelled.

The family had initially planned to head for Florida, but with the trip called off and the kids getting irritated by the cooler weather in the North East, Stefanie decided to get creative.

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She and the kids spent between three and four hours making the likes of beach toys and decorations and, once the parents had fixed everything to the walls for the big reveal, Hailey and Eli then spent three hours at the beach that evening, dad Michael, 37, providing the music.


Stefanie said: “I have never seen my kids more excited – particularly my daughter.  

“When Hailey saw her creation come to life she screamed with excitement, ‘We’re at the beach!’

“Every single day she asks to go to the beach now.  

“Since we can’t get outside as often as we’d like to ride bikes and scooters, we brought the beach and experience of summer to our kids.

“Sheltering in place, social distancing, home-schooling… it has all been very hard for many of us.


“It is also important to look at the silver lining of this experience.  

“I’ve always felt sad that I can’t spend as much time with my kids as I’d like because of working full-time and I am busy with life responsibilities.  

“Now I get to be with them every day.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media


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