Good NewsLoving Grandson Waits Two Years And Entirety Of The Pandemic So That...

Loving Grandson Waits Two Years And Entirety Of The Pandemic So That Grandmother And Mom Can Be There To Help Him Collect Ring And Witness Surprise Proposal

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A caring grandson waited for two years and the entirety of the pandemic so that his grandmother could help him collect an engagement ring and be there for his surprise proposal to his girlfriend.

Scott Kinmartin, 39, is extremely close to his grandmother, Janet Michels, 90, and mom, Nancy Kinmartin, 64, and it had always been his dream to have them both present were he to propose.

But with the pandemic taking hold, Scott had to put his plans on ice, given that he was ready to marry partner Chelsea, 30, who Janet had never met, but could not travel to visit her in Buffalo, New York.

Eventually, with flight paths opening up, Scott managed to convince his mom to fly from New York State to Portland, Oregon, where the couple are based, and Janet agreed to join.

After the pair arrived, Scott revealed his proposal plans to his grandmother, and the three of them headed out to collect a ring he had recently selected.


Scott documented his entire journey on video, and in order to keep things a secret from Chelsea, he managed to disguise his proposal as a meet-and-greet for the family at her parents’ house, where Chelsea’s own 89-year-old grandmother was present.

On October 14, Scott staged a family photograph with the couple’s son, Sabre, before getting down on one knee.

An emotional Chelsea said, “Yes,” and Scott later shared his story online, so that his followers would know how special it was to have his grandmother and mom present for the big moment.

Ahead of the proposal, Chelsea had always joked that she wanted a low-key affair were Scott to ask the question, and so the 39-year-old initially pulled out a ring pop, which Chelsea had said in the past was all she needed.


Describing how close he is to Janet, Scott explained how after finishing college in Florida he moved back to Buffalo to purposely live on the same street as her for a number of years, before moving to Portland for work.

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Janet last visited him in 2017, which was why he was so desperate for her to head out for the big proposal and meet Chelsea in person.

He said: “Picking up the ring with my mother and grandmother was exciting.

“They were the first ones to see it in person, and among the few who saw it before the big question.

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“Most of Chelsea’s family had no idea, aside from her parents, of course, and her brother-in-law.

“Chelsea is among the sweetest human beings I’ve ever met, so I had zero doubt that she’d turn me down and zero doubt that she’d get emotional.

“It sounds cliche, but we both knew the day we met that we had a special chemistry and would end up spending our lives together.

“It’s been a long time waiting, and a dream come true.

“We shared the news late the following day and it immediately picked up buzz and lots of love and support.

“Chelsea was truly caught off-guard and taken by surprise.

“She’s mentioned several times in the past to just propose someday in the middle of the week, nothing elaborate.

“I proposed on a Thursday and it happened in her parents’ backyard.”

Story via T&T Creative Media


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