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A grandma being passed a selection of birthday cupcakes gets an even bigger surprise when one is handed to her by her military grandson she hasn’t seen for months while he was serving overseas.

Miller Arnold, 19, a Private First Class in the U.S. Army, had been deployed since January 5 – more than seven months – before the July 15 surprise at a restaurant in his hometown of Guntersville, Alabama.

Miller, a paralegal specialist, was first in Virginia for training, before heading to South Korea in March, where he remained stationed.

As the months went by, Miller began to miss home, given that this was the longest time he had ever been away from his family.


Miller’s grandfather was not in good health, and so Miller gave Grandmother Judi Arnold, 77, his word he’d be home as soon as possible, but never gave her an exact date.

Knowing Judi’s birthday was coming up, Miller knew it would be the perfect foil for a surprise, which he planned to take place at Another Broken Egg restaurant.

When Judi clocked who was handing the sweet treat to her, she immediately let out a huge scream.

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Miller said: “The moment itself played out very well.

“I was so happy to see her and the rest of my family – I didn’t even mean for it to go the way it did with the cupcakes, but it worked out well.

“I figured she would see me as I was walking into the door, but when she didn’t, I loved seeing my granny’s reaction.

“She has always been close to me, ever since I was a baby, so being able to surprise her made me tear up a little bit, especially when she started as well.

“A message I hope others take from this story is to always go and visit your family whenever you have the chance, especially grandparents because they won’t always be around to see you.


“I was blessed to be able to spend as much time with my grandparents as I have over the years, and I would like to keep spending time with them whenever I have the chance for as long as I can.”

Story via T&T Creative Media