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A dad has found the perfect way to get his adorable twins off to sleep – resting them on his guitar and serenading them with a lullaby.

New dad Leigh Perry composed the special ditty for his twins Elliot and Isla while they were in the neonatal unit after both being born prematurely with low blood sugar levels.

The twins were born at 36 weeks and three days at St John of God Hospital in Subiaco, Australia, on February 21, 2019.

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Leigh – who is a primary school music teacher – decided to serenade the twins along with his wife Rebecca as they spent two weeks in the special unit as the twins recovered under medical supervision.


And after the twins were released from the neonatal unit with a clean bill of health, Leigh decided to keep up the ritual – placing one of the twins on the top of the guitar as he plays, gently sending them to sleep.

Leigh explained: “When we discovered we were having twins, we knew they would have music in their genes. 

“I sang to them, played guitar and they were exposed to a variety of genres in the womb and of course the minute they were born. 

“Mum’s waters broke earlier than expected and we had to drive an hour during the night to reach the hospital. 


“The twins had been scheduled for an induction eight days later and they were born with low blood sugar levels and taken straight to the neonatal unit. 

“We remained in hospital for two weeks and even had to vacate to a hotel for four nights whilst the twins remained in there which was very hard for us all.

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“It was during this time we were separated that we found the words for their lullaby. 

“It was a team effort that came naturally built from a string of emotions that had been conjured since the birth. 

“It took a couple of times to get it exactly how I wanted it but overall was a quick production. 


“I used my guitar and a backing track I had created and recorded it on my phone until we got home and I produced it more professionally.”

Nurses and staff at the hospital were so impressed by Leigh’s song writing skills they requested a copy of the CD for the neonatal unit.

Leigh said: “The nurses and premature babies loved being “serenaded to” daily in the ward. They even requested a copy of the “CD!” 

After returning home with the twins, Leigh continued to play the song to his babies every night to put them to sleep.

He said: “We realised they loved being sung to sleep one night when Isla had a bad time with reflux. 

“We tried everything until I decided to grab my guitar and jam out their lullaby live in their room at 4am. Finally, we had sleeping babies! 

“Since then it has become a family ritual to have a singing session before bed and they continue to sleep soundly to my recorded music which plays on an ipad in the room, which we also fall asleep to as it can be heard on the baby monitor.

“Now we manage to successfully get about 8 hours of – broken – sleep a night between scheduled feeding sessions.”

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