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A special needs boy who hadn’t seen his favorite garbage man for months excitedly waits for his truck to approach before running to give him a hug.

Jonathan Haselbusch loves seeing the garbage trucks so much mom Christina takes him to the waste management yards to look at them.

And last year he dressed as a garbage man for Halloween.

But he has formed a sweet bond with one particular garbage man in Canyon Country, California, called Antonio who loves to see Jonathan just as much.

Their relationship began when Jonathan was put pictures he drew on the trash cans for the garbage men and one day Christina saw one got out and took the picture in his truck.


After meeting Antonio for the first time he was immediately great with Jonathan and the pair have been pals ever since.

In this adorable video shot by Christina on April 4, it had been a few months since Jonathan last saw Antonio as he leaves for school before collection.

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He excitedly waits in his garden for Antonio to arrive, waving towards the truck, and then runs towards him for a big hug once Antonio gets to their house.


Mom Christina said: “One day I saw Antonio took the picture Jonathan drew in his truck and my heart filled up with love and appreciation.

“When we had an opportunity, we met him and he was wonderful with Jonathan.

“Jonathan was off last week for spring break so we were excited to see Antonio and this was the result.

“He loves the garbage man and Antonio has come to love seeing Jonathan just as much.

“I love it when people take time to get to know, understand and love on someone with special needs or different abilities – it opens their eyes, heart and mind to unconditional love and acceptance.”


As well as his love for the garbage trucks – and Antonio – Jonathan also loves taking the trash out and recycling.

Christina added: “Jonathan is allowed to help us with the recycling and he constantly wants to take the trash out.

“I have had to hide my trash bags because he keeps getting them to fill them up so he can take them out.”

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