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Covid Baby Goes Viral When Her Mom Shares Adorable Videos Of How Excited She Gets When Sister Now Returns From School

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An adorable COVID baby who previously had her older sister at home all the time has gone viral thanks to a series of videos showing how excited she now gets when her sibling returns home from school.

Sammie Fay, 32, has shared dozens of videos of 18-month-old Olivia’s daily boosts when she sees her sister AJ’s yellow school bus start to pull up.

In a series of clips, an overcome Olivia bounces up and down with joy, waving her hands and stamping her feet before heading over to AJ, 8, for a long-awaited hug.

The sisters’ close bond can be attributed to the fact that Olivia is a COVID baby, Sammie said, and so the siblings were initially “joined at the hip” as Sammie was working from home during the pandemic, meaning she was home for the bus with Olivia.

Sammie started recording Olivia’s daily exploits around September, once the toddler had gained enough confidence on her feet to run to AJ.


Each day, Sammie will say, “It’s time to go get AJ,” and Olivia will run to the front door.

Sammie, whose online posts have gained millions of views, said: “Honestly, seeing Olivia be so excited to see AJ is every parent’s dream!

“You pray that your kids will have a bond that will last a lifetime.

“Sure, when they get older, they might have their differences, but this gives me so much hope that they will be lifelong best friends.


“And for the days ahead where they may not see eye to eye, I will pull up these videos to remind them of the love between them.

“I never imagined these videos blowing up as they have.

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“I was just trying to figure out how TikTok worked and was like, huh, maybe I’ll post one of these videos.

“I posted the first one before bed and woke up shocked!


“We have had tons of people fully supporting the bond these girls share.

“The best part is these videos went from making my day to putting a smile on other people’s faces.

“Spreading kindness in a world that seems a little bit darker than it used to be has been very rewarding. 

“If they can make one person’s day brighter, that is a win for us.”

Story via T&T Creative Media


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