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Woman so Excited About Amazon Gift Card She Doesn’t Realize It’s a Pregnancy Announcement

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A woman was so excited by an Amazon gift card her son and daughter-in-law had got for her birthday she didn’t realize the card inside revealed she was about to become a grandma.


Beth Ewert’ birthday surprise was arranged by her son and daughter-in-law, Cameron and Morgan, who were certain she would read the card first.

But as soon as Beth laid eyes on the gift card inside, her mind drifted to what she would spend it on, with her even discussing at one point how she might spend it on supplies for a new cutting machine.

So Cameron jumped in to fold down the front of the card, so his mom could see a note reading: “The only thing better than having you as a mom is our baby having you as a grandma. We’re pregnant!”

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When the realization hit, Beth let out a huge scream of excitement – a wholesome moment captured on video by her family.


The surprise took place on August 12, 2021, but Morgan, from Lexington, Kentucky, did not share the wholesome video on social media until Summer 2022.

Since the surprise, Morgan and Cameron have welcomed their daughter, Maren Mae.

Morgan said: “I’m always guilty of not reading the cards I receive the whole way through, but with Beth being a retired teacher, we were sure she would notice.

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“She focused on the gift card and talked about buying things for her Cricut before we have to divert her attention to the actual writing on the card.

“You can probably see the expression on my face in the background: How could she not read the large writing on the card? Now what do we do? So, we told her to read it again.

“When I saw her reaction, I was so happy – I loved the loud screams and yelling.”


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