Good NewsFamily90-Year-Old Grandma Gets Tattoo With Granddaughters to Celebrate Milestone Birthday

90-Year-Old Grandma Gets Tattoo With Granddaughters to Celebrate Milestone Birthday

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A fun-loving grandma decided to go through with a long-running joke that she would get a tattoo on her 90th birthday – as long as all of her granddaughters did too. 

For some time, Rene Swearingen, from Stockton, California, had heard her grandchildren joke that she should get a tattoo to mark the milestone birthday. 

But when it came down to the big day itself, Rene had one stipulation: she would only do it if her granddaughters copied her. 

The joke had initially seemed funny to family because getting a tattoo would be so out of character for Rene, one of her granddaughters, Tori Hein, 32, said. 

Once the 90-year-old had made her decision on May 19, though, she and her four granddaughters started researching tattoo parlors in the local area. 


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The group decided the would all get hummingbird tattoos, as hummingbirds are Rene’s favorite kind of bird, which she watches out of her window. 

They then headed to Port City Ink, in Stockton, where Tori documented how she, her grandmother, fellow granddaughters – Olivia Swearingen, Jessica Ream, and Rebekah Lopez – and Rene’s daughter-in-law – Tori’s mom Anita Swearingen – all got matching birds tattooed on their arms. 

Tori later shared a video of the sweet moment on social media, where her grandmother’s shocked reaction to the needle received many loving comments. 


Tori said: “How could we pass up a memory like this?  

“None of us had much time to think about it, but we all agreed to do it.  

“All of us live in various parts of the country and traveled to our grandma’s house for her 90th birthday, and shortly after we all arrived, we hopped in the car to head to the tattoo shop.  

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“We were laughing almost the whole time and were still in shock that we were all doing this together.  


“Each of us chose a favorite song to play while we got our tattoos.  

“The whole experience was out of the box, hilarious, and fun.  

“It has been sweet to see the responses on the posts.  

“Many memories were shared about loved ones who were lost and their desire to have a memory like that with them.  

“The joy of our experience rubbed off onto many other people. 

“You are never too old to have fun and celebrate out of the box with the people you love – go make those memories while you can!” 


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