A military dad who could not communicate with his family for training purposes was given a welcome surprise to remember when he reunited with his baby son who had learned to walk.

In the wholesome footage, an emotional Captain Stephen Noorlag of the U.S. Army looked shocked when 14-month-old Waylon walked towards him and into his father’s arms for the first time.

Stephen and his wife, Rachel, are based in Fort Worth, Texas, but Stephen had been sent on a roughly one-month training exercise to California, where for two weeks he was not allowed any video contact with the outside world.

During that time, Waylon had taken his first steps.

Rachel wanted to keep the milestone a secret from her husband, so the training exercise provided the perfect foil.

Returning from deployment and your baby takes his first steps 🤗 | Quick Lifts #shorts

Speaking of the moment, which took place on April 3, Rachel said: “We couldn’t communicate at all for two weeks for training purposes, so it was easy to keep secret.

“It was worth the surprise – Waylon walked right over to his daddy, and we caught a really special little moment on camera.

“My husband was emotional seeing him reach such a massive milestone.

“Military life can be stressful and isolating, so it’s nice to be able to share a sweet moment with friends and family.”

Story via T&T Creative Media

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