Good NewsFunnyToddler Copies Pregnant Mom's Morning Sickness in Hilarious Video

Toddler Copies Pregnant Mom’s Morning Sickness in Hilarious Video

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A cute toddler got so used to seeing his pregnant mom with morning sickness that one day his parents found him with his head in the toilet copying her.


While watching TV, Jennifer and Festus Amarteifio, from Miami, Florida, heard hacking sounds coming from their bathroom before their son, Gabriel, then aged two, shouted at his dad to ask if he could rub his back.

Jennifer, 36, had been suffering from terrible morning sickness during her latest pregnancy, and so Gabriel would see his mom with her head in the toilet and his father rubbing her back.

When the couple reached their bathroom, they found Gabriel with his head in the bowl, looking up at his mom to ask if she was OK.

The moment was so amusing, Jennifer said, that she decided to pull out a cellphone and record it.

In the weeks after, Gabriel continued trying to replicate his mom’s sickness – which didn’t always go down well as he would sometimes try to put his head next to hers while she was being sick.


The moment captured on video was shot on November 6, 2021, but Jennifer didn’t share it on social media until the following year.

Gabriel replicates his mom’s morning sickness much to the amusement of his parents. ©Jennifer Amarteifio / T&T Creative Media

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Since then, the couple have welcomed their next child, who was born in April 2022.

Jennifer said: “My husband would always rub my back and my son watched all of this.


“One day, we were watching TV and heard him hacking in the bathroom. He then started yelling for my husband, saying, ‘Daddy come rub my back’.

“That part was not caught on video – but he also looked up from the toilet and asked me if I was OK.

“It was at this point we pulled out the phone and started recording.”

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