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Dad Returns Home to Find Kids Have Coated House in Baby Powder, Makes Them Make Snow Angels

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A hilarious video shows the moment a dad – who stepped out of a room to take a call – returned to a scene of destruction, after his girls coated the house in baby powder. 


Randy Doiron couldn’t believe his eyes as he stepped back into the room and saw his daughters Sydney, 4, and Harper, 3, covered head to toe in white powder. 

As he scanned the scene and recorded on his cell phone, the baby powder can be seen all over the family’s living room and kitchen.

After composing himself and seeing the funny side, Randy then prompted his daughters to make snow angels in the white powder coating the hard-wood floor. 

Randy, from Rhode Island, said: “At first I was taken back, but quickly realized that I couldn’t do anything to change it.

“So I simply told them to at least make snow angels if the mess was already there.”

The daughter's coated in baby powder.
Randy’s daughter’s coated in baby powder. ©Randy Doiron / T&T Creative Media
The result and the offending bottle
The mess left by the girls (left) and the offending bottle of baby powder (right). ©The result and the offending bottle

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Randy quickly found the empty bottle of baby powder and began the mammoth clean-up task. 

He added: “They used an entire bottle of powder. I ended up letting them play in it for 15 to 20 minutes as I shared what had happened with family and friends online. 

“The clean-up was a bit challenging, but at least it smelled nice!”



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