First Time Parents Capture Hilarious Time-Lapse Of Transition From 2 To 3

Soon-to-be parents convert home office into nursery while mum's bump grows


This heartwarming time-lapse video captures first-time parents converting their home office into a nursery – all while mum’s bump continues to grow.

Creative couple Mike and Karen Brink, from Michigan, USA, came up with the idea having always wanted to film a time-lapse but decided to incorporate their pregnancy journey.

The clever clip begins with Mike working in the office as Karen enters the room to announce she is pregnant before the pair celebrate in front of the camera.

As the video moves on Mike then gets to work renovating the office as the weeks and months fly by all while Karen’s bump grows – celebrating milestones along the way such their baby’s gender.

At the end of the clip the pair head to the hospital before returning on February 16 with their new daughter Aubrey with her bedroom looking fit for a princess.


Mike, a video editor and Karen, a first-grade teacher, uploaded the clip to the couple’s YouTube channel ‘Married Movie Reviews’.

Mike said: “We’ve been married for almost five years and have always wanted to make a long form timelapse.

“We have seen several other pregnancy timelapse videos on YouTube and wanted to give it a shot ourselves.

“I placed my camera on a tripod and set a 10 second timer to take 10 pictures at a time and slowly moved between pictures – and then restarted from the last post in the next 10 pictures.


“None of our family or friends expected the video so have all been really impressed and told us they have watched it multiple times.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media