Good NewsDaughter Secretly Changes Her Name To Match Step-Dad's As Birthday Present

Daughter Secretly Changes Her Name To Match Step-Dad’s As Birthday Present

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This is the heartwarming moment an unsuspecting dad was brought to tears by his family as they presented him with adoption papers for his birthday.

Angel Trevino and her 11-year-old daughter, HaLeigh, secretly went about changing the girl’s last name to the same as her adopted dad. On Feb. 1, they sat David down and made him read out a letter explaining the whole thing.

‘You stole her heart from day one, but she stole your last name forever’, was just one of the lines that brought tears to David’s eyes.

David “Tudy” Trevino and Angel Trevino have been married for 10 years. HaLeigh was just 9 months old when Angel met David.

“From day one he has accepted her as his own, immediately,” Angel said.


David said as Haleigh grew older, she always asked why her last name was different.

“Shes been trying to write her name as Trevino in school for years now, but she had to go by the name on the birth certificate,” David said.

The couple had talked about David becoming HaLeigh’s legal father for quite some time, and began the process in November.

Angel said once the process began, everything happened pretty quickly. She said it was hard to keep the official news quiet for the surprise.


In the video, you can see David, sitting next to HaLeigh, with the letter which Angel asks him to read aloud. It does not take long before David gets visibly emotional.

“I kinda knew right away what it was,” David said. “When I started reading it, everyone knows I don’t cry. But this little girl stole my heart. I couldn’t hold it in. It was a big lump in my throat. I didn’t want to cry, I tried not to.”

They have received an overwhelming response from the video and even said they had to turn off their phones due to notifications. At the time of writing, the post has been shared over 450 times. Angel said she hopes that maybe this video will encourage others to begin the process of legal adoption.

“I’ve had so many people message and ask how did you do it, because people don’t know, and I hope this encourages people to go for it,” Angel said.

Now, HaLeigh will be able to write “Trevino” as her last name on all of her school work, legally.


Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media

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