Good NewsParentingThis One-Year-Old Has Crib Escape Skills to Rival Ethan Hunt

This One-Year-Old Has Crib Escape Skills to Rival Ethan Hunt

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A mom has shared a series of hilarious videos where her baby daughter has carried out her best Mission: Impossible impressions to escape her crib.


In the side-splitting videos, one-year-old Scarlett can be seen spreadeagle atop of her crib, pushing herself up with her hands on one side and her feet on the other.

Then, having gotten herself into position, Scarlett cleverly makes her way around the crib before lowering herself down on the floor.

According to her mom, Sandrahope, 25, who lives in Tanzania, East Africa, her daughter first started doing this last year.

Since then, Scarlett has managed to escape three times, with Sandrahope capturing two of those occasions on video.

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She said: “The responses have seen people laughing and saying that the videos made their day. 

“Some have said it’s dangerous, but of course, she has outgrown the baby crib.

“My message from sharing the videos: Let kids be kids and explore what they want to explore – especially when they want to do dangerous things carefully but with parental supervision, of course.”

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