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Sweet Grandmas Help Mom Settle Baby Who Wouldn’t Stop Crying on First Ever Flight

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This is the heartwarming moment a trio of grandmas soothe a screaming baby during her first ever airplane journey.

Mom Isabella LaLonde was flying with baby daughter Gray into Sarasota, Florida, and could sense she was getting anxious in the air.

As the flight had no Wi-Fi, about 30 minutes into the journey, the video Gray was watching ended and she started crying and screaming.

Isabella said she was visibly struggling to calm Gray down, and felt embarrassed at the noise, but exhausted every trick to settle her.


That’s when across the aisle she spotted three grandmas with their arms out wide, offering to help Isabella.

As soon as she handed Gray across to them, the crying and screaming stopped, and the baby started playing patty cake with a big grin.

Once she had completely calmed down, the trio handed her back to Isabella, and she continued to enjoy the rest of the journey.

Isabella said: “After our Wi-Fi stopped working, we were struggling to keep her calm and sitting in her own seat.


“She wanted to be active and was constantly crying and screaming when we tried to put her back in her seat.

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“Throughout the chaos I noticed the row of three grandmas parallel to us.

“At this time, they were literally holding their arms out to me so they could hold Gray and potentially help calm her down.

“Right as I handed over my daughter to the woman, she locked eyes with her and stopped crying – they started playing patty cake.


“Before I recorded the video I was visibly struggling – I think everyone could tell I was embarrassed.

“After my daughter completely calmed down and was smiling, the lovely women handed her back to me and Gray was so well behaved for the remainder of the flight.

“It’s reassuring to know there are still decent people in this world – I was shocked when three complete strangers held their arms out to help a mom in need.

“So much compassionate and patience for what I was going through, it’s a moment I will never forget and always cherish.”

Story via T&T Creative Media


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