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Stepbrothers Warm Hearts When They Give Wholesome Best Man’s Speech at Their Blended Family’s Wedding

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A pair of young stepbrothers warmed hearts when they decided to take the mic and carry out the traditional best man’s speech at their parents’ wedding.

Jade and Scott “Rico” Rodriguez’s children first bonded the couple, as they met while attending Pop Warner football in Santa Ana, California.

Rico said he knew right away that Jade was the one for him, and six years later, the pair were ready to tie the knot with a blended family that included Rico’s two kids, Jonathan, 12, and Olivia, 7; Amanda’s son, Haiden, 13; and a son, Rocky, 3, who they had together.

Over the years, Haiden and Jonathan have become extremely close, bonding with Rico, who saw the pair as his best friends.

For his wedding day on October 6, 2022, Rico asked Haiden and Jonathan to be his best men, which they joyously accepted.


For the speech, Jonathan stepped up first, praising his dad for the advice he has given him over the years and how much it meant to him to see his father happy.

©Ashley and Jay Films / T&T Creative Media
©Ashley and Jay Films / T&T Creative Media

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Then, it was the turn of Haiden, then 12, who joked that his age meant he couldn’t be invited to his stepdad’s bachelor party before reiterating his stepbrother’s point: always make sure Jade is fed.

The wholesome video was later shared online by the couple’s wedding videographer, Ashley Bee, with the post getting many loving comments.


Jade said: “My wedding was such a blur, so I don’t remember the exact timeline, but they sat us down, and both boys and my maid of honor did a speech for us.

“I was on cloud nine, feeling so proud, happy, and grateful that I think it helped me keep my composure.

“But now, when I watch the speeches, I ugly cry.

©Ashley and Jay Films / T&T Creative Media

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“We aren’t too big on social media, so it’s definitely funny to think about how many people have watched these videos.


“The kids and family think it’s cool.

“I have always thought my kids are so amazing, but I’m obviously biased – seeing other people see that in my kids warms my mom heart, especially being a young mom.

“I take a lot of pride in how hard I worked to raise a good young man, I’m so proud of who he’s becoming.

“I feel very lucky he turned out so amazing and also so lucky to have such a sweet, amazing stepson as well.

“These kids are my life, so hearing all the sweet things people say is overwhelming, to say the least.”


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