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Teen’s Speech to Stepdad at Wedding Leaves Guests in Tears

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A Bride’s son gave an emotional and heartfelt speech to his stepdad during their wedding celebrations capturing the hearts of people online and leaving guests in tears.

Jesus Gonzalez, 14, surprised his mother by getting up to deliver the speech, something she says she was not expecting.

The video took place in Valley Springs, California, on June 10, as Orlando Abujen, Jesus’ stepdad, married his biological mother, Berta Alicia Mancha.

Orlando came into Jesus’ life three years ago, and they formed a deep bond together by playing online video games.

So, on their wedding day, Jesus ensured Orlando knew just how much the bond meant to him.


During his speech, Jesus fights back tears while saying: “You complete not only my mom’s life but mine, too.  

“You’re the sunshine in her morning and the moonlight in my night. 

“I wish you could see from my perspective how much you really mean to me and how much I appreciate you.  

“Thank you so much for being the best partner to my mom and the best stepdad to me.”


As he choked back tears, his stepdad joins him and placed a loving arm around his shoulder for support.

Berta said: “Before he got up to do the speech, my best friend said my son was very nervous.

“She also put some water in a shot glass so he could join in with the toasts.

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“Afterwards, everyone n the room was very emotional, and they said his speech was very heartwarming.”


She added: “My son’s father is in his life, and we are very happy that my son feels this way about my husband.

“His father and I have taught him to express his feelings and always be open-minded and respectful.”


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