Good NewsSoldier Surprises Grandma in Grocery Store After Her Husband Went Into Hospice

Soldier Surprises Grandma in Grocery Store After Her Husband Went Into Hospice

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A grandma who was feeling down having recently had to put her husband into hospice care was given a tear-filled surprise when she was served pumpkin pie at her local grocery store by her military-serving grandson.

Kelsey Sweet, a staff sergeant with the United States Army, had secretly flown in to surprise his grandmother, Margie Grant, 83, hoping to boost her spirits over the holiday season.

As Margie walked through her local grocery story in Camp Verde, Arizona, she headed over to her regular counter to pick up the pie – but she didn’t initially notice the face staring back at her.

Then, when everything clicked, the 83-year-old immediately started crying happy tears, having not seen Kelsey around a year and a half.

The moment Magie realized her grandson was surprising her. ©T&T Creative Media

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According to Margie’s granddaughter Michaela, who shared footage of the surprise online, Margie had recently had to move her husband of 63 years, Bill, into hospice care, as he has be suffering from the effects of prostate cancer.

The move, Michaela said, had gotten her grandmother down, and when Kelsey found out about this, he made plans to travel in from Fort Gordon in Grovetown, Georgia, where he is based.

Kelsey loves pumpkin pie, and so his aunt contacted the local grocery store to ask if Kelsey could present his grandma with the sweet treat.

With the wheels in motion place, Kelsey’s mom Pam then drove Margie to the store and insisted she didn’t sit in the car, as usual, but come in to help.


As Margie then approached the counter, on November 24, Pam and a store worker began recording on their cellphones, capturing the sweet surprise on video.

The pair on Kelsey’s graduation day. ©T&T Creative Media

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Michaela said: “The response to the video has been more than we could have imagined.

“I wasn’t even going to make a TikTok, since I have never made one, but my girlfriends walked me through how to do it.

“I woke up the next morning and it had 8,000 likes. Then it just blew up and now has 1.5 Million views and over 200,000 likes.


“Everyone in the comments has been so amazing, from well wishes to prayers and tears.

“Our grandma can’t believe it and just laughs.

“She thinks she is pretty special and blessed because she has amazing daughters and grandkids.

“What I hope people can take away from this to love the elderly, be nice and have grace.

“You really never know what someone is going through, and the last couple years have been hard on everyone. 

“Also always go into the store to get the pie, you never know what you might run into.”

Story via T&T Creative Media


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