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Husband Called to ‘Emergency’ Surprised With Rainbow Baby Pregnancy News

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A man who thought he was being called to an ’emergency’ at his wife’s work burst into tears when he discovered news of their rainbow baby instead.


Korey and Savanna Payton, from St. Clair County, Alabama, suffered unexpected heartbreak in May 2023 when their first child, Walter Kreed Payton, was born sleeping at 35 weeks.

Walter’s death was caused by a knot or kink in his umbilical cord, Savanna, 31, said, and as she and Korey had been trying to get pregnant for around four years prior to Walter’s death, the news “shattered” the family.

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Over the following months, the couple went through additional rounds of Clomid (clomiphene citrate) fertility treatment, but with no luck.

Then, one day in January, Savanna took a pregnancy test and discovered a faint line, and, having double-checked with a digital test, her “soul lit up again.”


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She decided she wanted to surprise Korey, 32, with the news – but knowing he would suspect something was up, she asked his co-worker to pass on a message for him to come to her place of work.

Korey’s mind wondered what the call could be about: was it an emergency? Had Savanna been fired?

On arrival, Korey was guided to his wife’s car, where he discovered a box on the passenger seat.


Picking up the package, the 32-year-old knew to expect a positive pregnancy test inside, which caused him to immediately start welling up with tears.

Savanna captured the wholesome moment on video, which Korey later shared on TikTok to a viral response.

Savanna said: “Once he arrived, I pressed play on my phone.

“I started walking and took the box out of the passenger side.

“He knew what it was as soon as I gave him the box.


“It’s everything we’ve been praying for.

“Once the video ended, we held each other and cried together for a minute.

“Knowing I’m growing another child for this man is simply a dream come true.


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“It’s all I have ever wanted – and now it’s happening.

“We are both scared to death, but that’s expected when you’ve lost a child once already.

“Literally everyone who has seen the video has cried.

“They all know how much we both wanted this and seeing his reaction is so pure and beautiful and shows exactly how we feel about being pregnant.

“The message I would like to give would be: you may be having your worst day, but please know that you are not alone, it does get easier, and things do get better.

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