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Little Boy’s Sadness Turns to Joy in an Instant When Dad Returns to Give Him a Hug

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A young son looks on as his dad who is running late for work leaves without giving him a goodbye kiss – before he remembers and calls him over for a big time spirit-boosting hug.

Dontae, aged three, was caught on security camera looking and acting down while sitting outside a family friend’s house as his dad, J Roundtree, 31, headed off to work for the day.

But then, as he is about to get into his car, J, from Pleasantville, Ohio, looks back at his son and realizes there’s one thing that Dontae is waiting for so calls him over.

Dontae excitably runs to his father, and J throws the youngster up in the air before bringing him in for a big hug goodbye.

J Roundtree heads to work. ©@jroundtree / T&T Creative Media
Before remembering he forgot to hug his son and returning for the heartwarming moment. ©@jroundtree / T&T Creative Media

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The moment took place on April 20, and J later shared the clip on social media where it went viral.

According to J, he works as a corrections officer, and so before heading off to his 2pm shift, he always gives Dontae a hug and a kiss before he leaves.

On this occasion, though, J was dropping Dontae off at a friend’s house, and having guided his son to their porch, he then headed back to his vehicle before noticing Dontae was waiting for his daily kiss.

J said: “When I dropped my son off, I forgot to give him a hug and kiss, and when I looked back I saw how down he was.


“I was running late but that 15 seconds it took to give me a big hug and kiss changed his entire mood.

Dontae, 3, and dad J. ©@jroundtree / T&T Creative Media

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“It made my whole day better, and after I left, I got a few pictures from our friend showing him having a good time with the other kids that were there.

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“Everyone should take that extra second to love on your kids, they are little people and they see everything you are doing.

“They pay attention to everything. The little things that don’t matter to you are the world to them.”


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