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Kindhearted Kids Bring American Tourists Trapped in Elevator Snacks and Drinks

A group of kids brought snacks and drinks for a US family trapped in an elevator in a moment that has since gone viral.

Man Warms Hearts Online by Removing T-Shirt so He Can Cover Girlfriend’s Grandma and...

A man is warming hearts online after his girlfriend shared a video of him removing his t-shirt to keep her grandmother dry during a storm.

Autistic Boy Jumps for Joy When Police Officer Lets Him Tour Car

A five-year-old boy with autism who loves emergency vehicles and the sounds they make was given a special treat when a kindhearted police officer showed him around his vehicle and let him try out the sirens. The boy, Abel Aparicio, was with his mother when they encountered Officer Zandate of the Riverside Police Department. When Flor Aparicio mentioned to the officer that her son loves police vehicles, Officer Zandate went above and beyond, allowing Abel to sit in the car and explore.

Little Boy’s Sadness Turns to Joy in an Instant When Dad Returns to Give...

A security camera captured the heartwarming moment a father on his way to work remembered to give his son a goodbye hug after almost forgetting. Dontae, 3, was initially sad when his father left for work without their customary hug. But his sadness soon turned to joy - and his reaction has gone viral.

Brother Steps Up to Take Sister to Daddy-Daughter Dance After Military Dad Loses Life

After their father, a military hero, died in the line of duty, a young girl was heartbroken to receive an invitation to a daddy-daughter dance. But her brother stepped up to the plate and took her to the dance, honoring their father's memory and making his sister's day.
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