Hilarious Groom Reveals ‘Baby’ During Garter Removal Toss

Groom's joke leaves room in hysterics after revealing doll from under six-month pregnant wife


This is the hilarious moment a groom surprised his pregnant bride on their wedding day – by revealing a DOLL from under her wedding dress during the garter removal.

Matthew Barlow was able to sneak the doll under his shirt across the dance floor and over to his new wife Natalie Sharp who was sat on a chair waiting for him.

As Matthew kneels down appearing to remove the garter in front of their friends and family, he suddenly steps back revealing a ‘baby’ cradled in his arms.

Stunned Natalie – and the room – erupt with laughter as he shows off the surprise addition to the wedding day tradition, before tossing the baby to guests sitting nearby for even more laughter.

Matthew, from Queensland, Australia, said: “Four months before our wedding, my fiancée told me she was pregnant.


“On the big day Nat was five-and-a-half months pregnant, looking beautiful and showing clearly.

“I thought it would be a goofy idea to pull a baby doll out from under her gown during the garter removal and toss.

“I managed to sneak the doll across the dance floor and over to her tucked up in the front of my white shirt – thankfully no one noticed.

“The reaction on my beautiful wife’s face certainly showed she hadn’t seen it coming.


“With us being a little older than the average parent, both pushing 40, we were surprised by the news, but ecstatic.

“A few weeks before the wedding we found out we were having a baby girl which was wonderful news we went ahead and shared with our friends and family at our wedding.”