A pregnant mom has been filmed sinking hoops – while 39 weeks pregnant and experiencing contractions.

Basketball coach Melanie Thornbry replicated NBA ace Steph Curry’s warm-up routing while heavily pregnant – including dribbling with two balls, sinking three-pointers and scoring long-range efforts.

Incredibly, Melanie – who was teaching 9th grade health class when the video was shot – went into labor that evening, giving birth to her new son at 11:48am the next morning.

Melanie, a teacher at Unity Christian School, in Rome, GA, said: “I had been telling my students that I’d been studying Steph Curry’s warm up routine and I reckoned I could do some of it. So, I gave it a shot.

“Shooting baskets is an everyday routine for me so doing what I did at 39 and 4 days pregnant just felt right.


“But I even surprised myself by how well I was shooting.”

Later that evening after finishing work, Melanie says her contractions picked up in intensity and that’s when her husband drove her to the hospital.

Melanie added: “I had a feeling I was going to have the baby soon because I had been experiencing contractions since early that morning.

“Afterwards my contractions continued and I went to the hospital that very night and had out son the following morning.”


Melanie played college basketball at Berry College in Rome, Ga, where she had a successful four years and has plays basketball every day.

She explained: “I don’t really know why I wanted to film the video except that I knew that I could and it made me feel good.

“Shooting baskets is an everyday routine for me, so doing it while at 39 weeks and four days pregnant just felt right.”