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Grandmother-to-Be Wins Ultimate Jackpot When She Scratches Off “Guess What. We Are Having a BABY!” Ticket

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A mom who has always celebrated each holiday with a handful of scratch-off tickets won the ultimate jackpot when she scratched off a card that revealed she is set to become a grandmother.

Lori McDermott, 49, always used to celebrate majors in this way, but when she was presented with a scratch-off on her daughter Bree Harris’ birthday, she had no idea what was coming next.

Bree, 32, from Nashville, Tennessee, had received the news that she and her husband Tucker, 29, were expecting their first child, and so she started to think of the perfect way to tell her mom.

Knowing her mother’s love of scratch-offs, Bree purchased a specially-designed ticket online, which, once scratched off, said, “Guess what. We are having a BABY!”

The scratch card (left); and Lori reacts to the news (right). ©Brianna Harris / T&T Creative Media

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As the family headed to the restaurant in their car, Lori, sitting in the passenger seat, was handed the card, which she began to scratch off.

While she was doing so, Bree started to record her mom, waiting for the realization to hit.

It took Lori a few seconds, with her husband, Jack, 58, even noticing first, as Lori assumed she had lost and was planning to throw the ticket away.

But when she did clock the message starting back at her, the delighted grandma-to-be let out a huge joyous gasp and tears filled her eyes.


Bree captured the moment on April 22, in Cape Coral, Floria, where Jack and Lori live.

She and Tucker are expecting their baby boy to be born on November 27.

The family all together. ©Brianna Harris / T&T Creative Media

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Speaking of the surprise, Bree said: “I was overwhelmed with emotion, knowing that this baby was going to be so loved by such wonderful grandparents.

“This baby is everything we have been wanting.


“It took a lot to get my mom to focus and scratch off the ticket.

“She was having back and forth conversations with me, which distracted her.

“When she thought she was done scratching the ticket, she threw it on the floorboard, assuming it wasn’t a winner.

“I had to ask my mom to look again and read what it said.

“After reading it aloud more than once, it finally stuck that I was pregnant. Tears instantly filled her eyes.

“My mom has been looking forward to a grandbaby for as long as I can remember.”


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