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These parents were almost stumped trying to discover their prize after matching three babies on a scratch off – before hilariously figuring out their daughter is pregnant.

After finding out she was pregnant on Christmas Day, Allison Phelps waited until February when she was 12 weeks into in her pregnancy before she and husband Dustin told family and friends.

Allison wanted a fun and memorable way to surprise her parents Mary and Chuck Sara, so the couple drove to visit them in Madison, Wisconsin, bringing a surprise gift with them.

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They found prank scratch offs, fixed so after scratching they reveal three matching baby icons and announcing the prize ‘WE’RE HAVING A BABY!’.

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So engrossed in potentially winning a prize and trying to figure out what the prize is, and after repeating ‘we’re having a baby’ out loud, it’s not until Dustin shouts the words Chuck clicks.

A stunned Chuck says ‘you’re kidding me’ before Allison confirms her pregnancy to mom Mary and the family exchange celebratory hugs.

Allison said: “Since we found out we were pregnant with our first baby, I was looking all over for the perfect way to surprise my parents – I wanted it to be fun and memorable.

“We purchased fake pregnancy reveal ‘scratch offs’ and now we’re 12 weeks along in our pregnancy we decided now was the time for us to start telling our family and friends.


“I purchased them online and was only worried they would notice the tickets were fakes but after actually seeing them scratched the tickets were brilliant and looked so real.

“They started scratching and their reaction was priceless – they loved the reveal and we still talk about it and anyone who sees it can’t help but laugh.

“They are thrilled to have more grandchildren. They already have two amazing grandkids in California, Jack and Joe, from my older sister Jenny, but couldn’t be more excited to add another to the pack – my mom told me she just cannot wait.”

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