Good NewsEmotional Reunion Between Dad And Son After Seven Years Apart

Emotional Reunion Between Dad And Son After Seven Years Apart

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This is the emotional moment a dad is finally able to give his son a long-awaited hug after seven years apart.

Omar Renteria hadn’t seen his dad – also called Omar – since he moved from Barranquilla, Colombia, to Panama seven years ago as he was waiting for his residence paperwork to travel again.

Whenever the pair would speak, Omar Sr insisted he just wanted to be able to hug his son again.

Finally, on October 6, 2022, that time came, and so when Omar Jr was able to return to Colombia, he secretly traveled to his godmother’s house to surprise his unsuspecting father.

Family members told Omar Sr there were some items that had been sent for him to pick up, and when he arrived at his son’s godmother’s house, he had a look at the suitcases waiting for him.


Then, suddenly, from behind him, Omar Jr says, ‘Don’t you want me to help you?’ causing his dad to turn around and burst into tears as he finally hugs his son after so long.

Omar Jr said: “It was an unexpected surprise for my dad since it had been seven years without seeing him – he insisted he wanted to be able to hug me again.

“I arrived first at my godmother’s house with such eagerness to see him and asked my godmother to call him and tell him my mom had sent some suitcases of clothes to my sisters for him to pick up.

Omar reunites with his dad after seven years apart. ©T&T Creative Media

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“When he went to get the suitcases, he never expected I would be there.

“He said the emotion he felt cannot be explained – it was like something he’d only seen on television and when he experienced it himself he didn’t know what to do but just cry.

“After the reunion, he didn’t want me to go anywhere, even when he was working, so I went with him to finish his shift together.”


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