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Heart-warming Moment 7th Grader Asks School Friend To Homecoming Dance Who Survived Near-Fatal Accident

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A seventh grader asked a special date to the homecoming dance – nine years after her parents were told she may not survive after horrific car crash.

Madyson Watts was involved in a smash while travelling in a pick-up truck that was left unrecognisable by the accident.

She was left fighting for her life, with doctors preparing her parents for the worst.

But despite the odds and severe brain and spinal injuries, Madyson went on to make a miraculous recovery – learning to walk again.

Ever since she hasn’t let it stop her from living life to the full.


So when homecoming dance was around the corner, classmate Dustin Corbin decided he wanted to invite Madyson to the dance and began preparing a special way to ‘propose’.

With the help of his mom Vanessa, who also enlisted the help of Madyson’s mom Sonya, they planned a surprise for Madyson after one of the school’s football games at Loranger Middle School in Loranger, Louisiana, USA.

Dustin held aloft a placard which read: “Out of all the fish in the sea…I choose you to go Homecoming with.”

As Dustin held it aloft, Madyson read it before the penny dropped that she was going to Homecoming.


She could barely hide her delight as she leapt and screamed for joy.

Dustin’s mom Vanessa, who filmed the adorable moment, said: “When Dustin said ‘Mom, I want to ask Mady to the dance’ my eyes filled with tears and my heart about exploded!

“Mady is an 8th grader at his school, and a very special girl to our community.

“She was in a car accident nine years ago. She has overcome so many things over the years and come a long way.

“She still has some disabilities as a result of the crash, but she doesn’t let it stop her.”

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Vanessa said that after Dustin mentioned his desire to ask Madyson to the dance, she got to work – reaching out to her mom Sonya, to help engineer a truly special ‘proposal’.

Vanessa added: “After he said he wanted to ask Mady I messaged her mom to make sure it would be ok and she was in awe at his gesture also.

“She said yes that would be awesome and she has prayed for this day for her daughter.  

“So as soon as I heard that the planning began because nowadays these kids have to do a big production when it comes to asking someone to a dance.

“We came up with the idea to get her a little basket with some goldfish crackers and Swedish fish candies as well as a poster that would say, ‘Out of all the fish in sea I choose you to go to homecoming with me.

“We arranged for Mady to be at Dustin’s football game where afterwards he could ask her.

“As the team huddled up and talked post game, he grabbed the basket and sign and headed for Mady.

“He handed her the goodies and held the sign so she could read it.

“Mady was very surprised and you could see in her eyes as she read the posted the moment it all finally clicked.

“She jumped for joy and was so it excited it stole the whole crowds attention for sure.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media

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